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  • Document your leadership positions, awards, and other contributions and experiences.
  • Make additions to your transcript each time you have a new out-of-class experience.
  • Revise your transcript at the end of each long semester or summer.
  • Obtain a printed copy of your transcript.

iCat Categories

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  • Civic Engagement encompasses your participation in activities of personal and public concern that are both individually life enriching and socially beneficial to the community. Examples include community service (such as Bobcat Build), voter registration drives, becoming an Ally of Texas State, and participating in social justice workshops.

  • Organization Involvement refers to your participation in any registered student organizations in which you serve (or served) as an officer and/or member and the dates of membership.

  • The Leadership Skills area focuses on those activities and programs that bring students together to develop leadership skills, engage in activities that foster ethical behavior, build an inclusive community, demonstrate social responsibility, and inspire a commitment to excellence. Opportunities include workshops, peer education, conferences, and multi-day programs that include activities for growth, reflection, and self- assessment.

  • Career Preparation refers to any activity that helped you to define a career goal, find a job or find an internship.  Examples include workshops (etiquette, professional dress, networking), employer presentations, job fairs, or actual experiences (informational interviews, externships, internships).

  • The Academic Success area includes all of your achievements through your academic career. Examples may include Dean’s List recognition, scholarships, exemplary grade point averages, honors courses, department or college recognition, or being a member of a research team.

  • The Special Interest category refers to meaningful experiences that are unique to your college experience. Many times, engagement in activities not directly related to the campus will be included in this category.